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Five creative shelf ideas for bedroom storage

Five creative shelf ideas for bedroom storage


Create more space in your bedroom with new brackets and shelving

It can be hard to create space for storing all your essentials when you have a small bedroom. We often get forced to cull wardrobe items or throw out things just for the sake of creating more storage space. But don't give up just yet. Sometimes all you need is some clever shelf ideas for bedroom storage inspiration.

Installing new brackets and shelving can help you make the most of that space you've always had. The only real limit is your imagination. So read on and get inspired by our shelf ideas for bedroom makeovers.

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1. Invisible bookshelf

storage ideas invisible bookshelf

When your bookshelf gets full, don't give up and buy a Kindle. With a bit of DIY magic, it's easy to install a wall display that gives the illusion of your books resting on an invisible bookshelf.

An invisible bookshelf is one of those simple shelf ideas for bedroom makeovers that makes the most of your wall space. Have fun experimenting with different shapes and configurations to create a book storage solution that doubles as a stunning wall display.

Which bracket should I use?

To create an invisible bookshelf, you'll need an angle bracket and an old book you don't need anymore. Permanently attach the bracket to your book with super glue and screws to create a custom shelf base for stacking your books on.

2. Floating desk

storage ideas floating desk

When you're working at home, you want to have a space you can enjoy. A lack of space may have put you off the idea of getting a desk in your bedroom. Installing a floating desk on your bedroom wall can fix your dilemma of a small workspace.

A floating desk design folds out from your wall to provide that much-needed desk space you need for work and study. Incorporate shelving into the design of your desk to enjoy having additional storage for stationery and books.

Which bracket should I use?

Spring-loaded brackets are a great solution for installing a collapsible floating desk. These brackets will make it easy to fold away your floating desk when you need that extra bit of space in your bedroom.

3. Floating shelf art display

A floating shelf is simple enough for you to customise however you want. Without any visible brackets, you can change the shelf, and the things you put on it, to completely reinvigorate the look and feel of a space.

One of our favourite ways to decorate is by using artwork to finish a space. With the simplicity of a floating shelf, you can dramatically change the look of a room just by changing the art that you display on your floating shelf.

Our favourite way to decorate these shelves is to have differently sized art with similar colours grouped together. Think of lush forest greens, or beachy ocean blues and yellows.

Which bracket should I use?

A floating bracket is your best bet for a floating shelf. You'll have no sign of a bracket holding up the shelf, so you can keep the emphasis on whatever artwork you choose.

4. Clothing rack

storage ideas clothing rack

When wardrobe space is scarce, a clothing rack can be your storage solution for everyday fashion accessories. Install a clothing rack on your wall to hang up your current rotation of hats, scarves, ties, and belts.

Clothing racks with additional shelving are also perfect for storing a few pairs of shoes. Mount a clothing rack next to your bedroom mirror with some floating draws and you'll essentially have a new wardrobe installed on your wall.

Which bracket should I use?

Closet rod brackets are a perfect solution for installing your very own clothing rack on the wall. Consider the maximum length of your garments before picking the ideal height to mount your new closet rod bracket.

5. Floating shelf nightstand

storage ideas bedside table

If your bedroom is narrow, you may find it challenging to fit a nightstand beside your bed. It's a common dilemma that apartment dwellers face when upgrading from a double to queen size bed.

A floating nightstand is one of those space-saving ideas for bedroom displays that provides a simple storage solution. It makes use of vertical space and gives you an opportunity to create an aesthetic that suits your taste. Use it as a makeshift charging dock for your smartphone or even a shelf to keep your smart home device close by to hear voice commands.

Which bracket should I use?

For a stylish and seamless installation, a floating shelf bracket is a great option for mounting your floating nightstand. Once your shelf bracket is installed, it's simply a matter of sliding your shelf onto the mounting rods of the bracket.

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