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How much weight can shelf brackets hold?

How much weight can shelf brackets hold?


Carinya’s large range of shelf brackets are practical, secure and stylish

Are you searching for high quality shelf brackets to support the shelves you are installing? Carinya has an extensive range of decorative and functional shelf brackets to match your style, setting and purpose.

There's more to a shelf bracket than meets the eye, and while brackets should look great they should also be suitably strong and reliable. At Carinya, we are shelf bracket experts, with all kinds of sizes, shapes, colours and weight bearing variations to suit your projects needs.

See our range of shelf brackets or plan your next trip to Bunnings Warehouse to purchase our Bunnings shelf brackets in store.

How do I choose my shelf bracket?

Shelf brackets are usually L shaped pieces of steel or wood that are secured to a wall to support a shelf. Extra shelving around the home, garage or office, is a wonderful way to get organised, free up space or curate a living area.

The shelf bracket you choose will depend on how you want the overall shelving to look, where they will be located and how much weight they need to hold. Below are some of our favourites.

Triangle Shelf Bracket

triangle shelf brackets

For aesthetic focused customers, Carinya offers a large range of decorative shelf brackets. The Triangle shelving bracket with unique curved slots is distinctive and will add character to a living space with its sleek design.

Other features include:

  • For indoor use
  • Made from quality powder coated steel
  • For medium duty shelving projects
  • Pre-drilled for fasteners

The Triangle shelving bracket has a 100 kilogram load rating and is suitable for large or voluminous pot plants, speakers or perhaps pots and pans.

It's important to note that all our load ratings are tested with the below specifications:

  • Brackets are between 415mm in distance
  • Bracket is fastened to wall using shortest side of bracket

Euro bracket

euro shelf brackets

The Euro bracket is a fun, decorative option for shelving which suits the bedroom or even an upbeat office. The circle cut outs and wider lip are a unique European design. The Euro bracket is made from quality steel and comes in a variety of sizes and colours.

With a 75 or 100 kilogram load rating, the Euro bracket is an ideal option for books, ornaments, toys, vases and picture frames.

Other features include:

  • For indoor use
  • Strong and durable
  • Colour finish in white, silver or satin black
  • Pre-drilled for fasteners

Circle stayed shelf bracket

circle shelf bracket

The Circled stayed bracket is a simple industrial chic option, which features circle cut-outs in the stay. There are a range of finishes for this bracket to choose from, to suit the colour and style of your space.

Using the load test specifications, our Circle stayed bracket has a 200 kilogram load rating, suitable for large and voluminous pot plants, heavy kitchen items, toolkits, or storage boxes.

Other features include:

  • For indoor use
  • Medium to heavy duty shelving projects
  • Finishes in brushed satin chrome, white powder coated or black powder coated bracket with polished chrome stay
  • Pre-drilled for fasteners


Twisted Stayed brackets

twisted shelf brackets

Twisted stayed brackets are robust and provide additional strength, ideal for larger projects or heavy-duty shelving requirements. The twisted stayed brackets allow for easy access to the installation fixing points.

The load ratings available are 250, 300, 350, and 400 kilograms and are suitable for the garage, outdoors, toolkits, storage boxes or gardening items.

  • Galvanised protection for outdoor use
  • The twisted stay provides additional strength
  • Manufactured from high-quality Q235 grade steel
  • Straight stayed brackets also available

Floating Shelf bracket

floating shelving brackets

The floating shelf bracket gives a modern and clean look to shelving in the home. The brackets are concealed and angle adjustment can be used. The brackets can only hold up to 9 kilograms per pair, including the floating shelf.

It's important that only a few light items such as picture frames, a small cactus, an alarm clock or 1-2 light books, be placed on this shelf.

Tips for installing Carinya shelf brackets for sturdy shelves

Most brackets are straightforward to install, but there are some key tips to bear in mind if you haven’t secured shelves before:

  • Brackets should only be attached to wall studs if attaching to plaster board walls, or brickwork/masonry (not mortar or grouting)
  • Appropriate heavy-duty fasteners should be used
  • Do not use plastic wall plugs to fix brackets to walls under any circumstances
  • Make sure the bracket is securely fixed to the wall and all screws are fastened tightly

Further information about load rating and test specifications are provided on our website. Importantly, the weight capacity of all shelf brackets will always be dependent on:

  • Wall fixing - brackets should be fastened using shortest side
  • Gap between brackets - we recommend a 415mm distance
  • The condition of the wall the brackets are being fitted to
  • Evenly distributing weight across the shelf

When it comes to shelf brackets Carinya’s impressive range is second to none. Check out our full range of decorative and functional brackets. Visit your local Bunnings Warehouse and other selected retail outlets to purchase in store.

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