Pine Brackets

Pine shelf brackets for a range of exciting DIY applications

Carinya’s pine shelf brackets are ready to help you complete a range of indoor DIY or renovation projects. Made from high quality pine timber, our pine brackets can support a range of different sized shelves. All pieces manufactured by Carinya undergo stringent quality control testing to ensure that your final project is safe.

If you’re looking for specific product information, please visit the product pages below. If you have any questions about the application and installation of our pine brackets, get in touch with our friendly customer service team.

Pine brackets offer you reliable shelving support

All DIY and renovation projects require a close eye on weight distribution. To complete a project safely, and to ensure longevity, you need a solution that offers maximum support. The weight capacity of our pine brackets relies on:

  • How it is fixed to the wall
  • The distance between the brackets
  • The condition of the wall

Our pine shelf brackets are manufactured to exact specifications, offering features aligned with their intended use. Due to the nature of their quality pine timber composition, they are unsuitable for use outdoors, or in exposed areas.

Each of our shelving products comes with a detailed product description, ensuring that you will always install and use it safely. Some of our brackets can only be attached to wall studs through plasterboard walls, or to masonry and brickwork.

If you are unsure about the application of these brackets, contact us and let us know about your project. Our expert customer service team can advise you on the right bracket to use.

Carinya is dedicated to producing quality pine shelving brackets for a range of applications. For your next DIY project, we also manufacture reinforcing brackets and decorative brackets, to fixing bands for a huge array of purposes.

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