Round End Reinforcing Angle Brackets – Zinc Plated

Reinforcing L shaped angle brackets with round ends in a zinc plated finish are suitable for smaller repair jobs and carpentry work.

Item No. A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) T (mm)
RAB0442 44.5 27 27 2.0
RAB0632 63.5 20 20 2.0
RAB020 20 20 15 1.4
RAB030 30 30 17 1.8
RAB040 40 40 20 1.8
RAB050 50 50 20 1.8
RAB060 60 60 20 1.8
RAB080 80 80 20 2
RAB100 100 100 20 2
RAB150 150 20 20 1.2


Carinya round end reinforcing angle brackets in a zinc plated finish are suitable for smaller jobs, such as furniture repairs, kitchen renovations, carpentry projects etc.


  • Zinc plated steel for corrosion resistance
  • Pre-drilled for fasteners


  • Brackets should only be attached to wall studs if attaching to plaster board walls, or brickwork/masonry (not mortar or grouting).
  • Appropriate heavy duty fasteners should be used.
  • Do not use plastic wall plugs to fix brackets to walls under any circumstances.
  • Make sure the bracket is securely fixed to the wall and all screws are fastened tightly.

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