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When to use a fixing band

When to use a fixing band


Secure your next building project with a Carinya multipurpose fixing band

The humble fixing band may seem like an illusive product, that is until you need one. Fixing bands come in a range of shapes and sizes for different purposes and are fundamental to many building or repair projects.

The impressive thing about fixing bands is their wide range of uses from home improvement to the worksite. The fixing band is used for things like, securing ducts, electrical work, plumbing, air conditioning, installing heating and even outdoor farming or fencing jobs.

If you’re a DIY enthusiast or professional tradesperson, add a high-quality fixing band to your work kit today. Browse our selection online or pop into Bunnings Warehouse to purchase in store.

What is a fixing band used for?

Fixing bands are generally used for securing, supporting and strapping purposes. The versatile, flexible and strong steel bands, are easy to cut and bend. They also include pre-punched holes for bolts, screws and nails.

As fixing bands are used for a variety of jobs, there are a range of products to choose from. Some of the popular types of fixing bands are:

  • Big hole/small hole fixing bands
  • Multi-hole fixing bands
  • Galvanised steel fixing bands
  • Wavy fixing bands

Securing ducts with fixing bands

Carinya’s multi-purpose fixing bands are a go to if you're securing ducts, conduits, cables or pipes around the home, or the building site.

Whether you need a galvanised fixing band or plastic coated fixing band, these strong steel bands are manufactured to last. Always check the fixing band will support the required weight and consult a professional if you are unsure.

Electrical work with fixing bands

The fixing band is a staple to keep in the van or the garage for electrical work and installations. Its versatile nature means you can cut it or bend it with ease, which comes in handy given the variation between each job.

Whether you are securing, supporting, or strapping, the galvanised strap can fit the project's dimensions as required. It can also hang various electrical, HVAC or low voltage conduits, or boxes.


Using fixing bands for plumbing, heating and air-conditioning 

Fixing bands are an ideal building supply for the job site or for home maintenance. For example they are a great solution for plumbing jobs and can be used to attach or hang pipes to walls, vents or ceilings.

Fixing bands are also commonly used for installation of heating and air conditioning, for attaching ducts and vents to ceilings.

Outdoor, rural and farming uses of fixing bands

Out door galvanised steel fixing bands

If your fence out on the farm is worn out and repairs are overdue, fixing bands can be a convenient way to attach and secure it. The fixing band with a galvanised finish is ideal for outdoor use.

The other uses of fixing bands outdoors include for clamping, bracing and restraining. This might be necessary for fences, posts and gates that need maintenance to keep them looking good and functioning properly. See all our galvanised steel fixing bands.


Fixing bands for small DIY home projects

For plant hanging and shelving inside the home or garage, the galvanised steel fixing band can be a suitable option. The available widths are 12mm and 17mm.

While fixing bands are fairly straightforward to install, it may be easier if you have a friend who can hold the item in place while you secure the band onto the surface. Find out more about how to secure fixing bands.

Whether you’re in the midst of building, maintenance or simply looking for an attachment solution, Carinya fixing bands are an excellent option. Not only are they manufactured to the highest standards, but they are simple to transport and safe to use.

Explore Carinya’s full range of fixing bands and get it touch if there is something specific you need. Head into your local Bunnings Warehouse to purchase our reliable products in store.

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