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Where to buy decorative shelf brackets

Where to buy decorative shelf brackets


Learn our favourite places to pick up DIY shelf brackets

Decorative shelf brackets can transform the look of your home or office. Better yet, they're a DIY project that's surprisingly easy to take on. You don't need any special skills or intricate knowledge of hardware to install a set of decorative shelves - but if you'd like a ready-made reference point, check out our step-by-step guide.

The raw materials you'll need beyond the shelf brackets themselves are likely to be items you already have lying around your tool shed or DIY drawer. They include a tape measure or ruler, electronic or magnetic stud finder, power drill, wood screws, spirit level, and lead pencil.

You can purchase your decorative shelf brackets from a variety of locations. In this post, we'll list a few of our favourite places to buy our products and throw in a bit of advice on how to install your new brackets and shelving for good measure.

At Carinya, we live and breathe shelving solutions. Whether you're a trade professional or DIY enthusiast, we can suggest the right products for your next project. Call us to chat today on 1300 727 535.

In hardware stores

where to buy decorative brackets

Everyone loves Bunnings, and we're proud to say that the hardware giant stocks the full range of Carinya brackets. Our brackets are robust, reliable and engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and consistency. They are rigorously tested to ensure all listed load ratings are safe and accurate.

Whether you're after decorative shelf brackets for light, medium or heavy-duty shelving projects, Bunnings sells our products at competitive prices. While measurements and load ratings vary, these brackets are all well-suited to DIY projects and are pre-drilled for easy installation.

Beyond Bunnings, you can also find a good range of Carinya brackets at Mitre 10 and Home Hardware. Both retailers have multiple locations throughout Australia so simply use their easy locator tool to find the closest store to you.

At home shows

If you're serious about your love of home renovation and building products, chances are you've attended a home show or expo before. These shows can be a great place to pick up industry-leading products and chat with leading suppliers and trade professionals.

Home shows are an incredible place to get new ideas for renovating your house. Remember to bring your plans and photos along and take any measurements of the household walls in advance.

DIY decorative shelf brackets

From online retailers

Don't have time to go to a bricks and mortar store to buy your decorative shelf brackets? Don't worry - these days you can purchase them online and have them delivered right to your door.

While we always recommend going with trusted retailers like Bunnings, a bargain can be appealing, provided you know you're getting a legitimate deal. To ensure you only ever pay what is fair and reasonable for a set of decorative shelf brackets, keep the following cost table in mind.

Type of decorative shelf bracket What you should expect to pay
Arch Stayed Bracket $4 - $6 (available at Bunnings)
Circled Stayed Brackets $9 (available at Bunnings)
Crisscross Brackets $6.50 (available at Bunnings)
Lipped Brackets $7 - $8 (available at Bunnings)
Triangle Brackets $4.40 - $5.50 (available at Bunnings)
Slotted Stayed Brackets $5.70 - $6 (available at Bunnings)
Euro Brackets $5.50 - $10 (available at Bunnings)
Pine Brackets $3.50 - $11 (available at Bunnings)
Plywood Brackets $3 - $9.50 (available at Bunnings)
Scroll Brackets $4.50 - $10.50 (available at Bunnings)
Light Stayed Brackets $3.90 - $8.60 (at Bunnings/Mitre10/Home Hardware)
Studio Stayed Brackets $4.50 - $8 (available at Bunnings/Mitre10/Home Hardware)
Stronghold Brackets $1.20 - $7 (available at Bunnings/Mitre10/Home Hardware)
Straight Stayed Brackets $4.50 - $10.50 (available at Bunnings/Mitre10/Home Hardware)

Remember, brackets should only be attached to wall studs if attaching to plasterboard walls or brickwork/masonry (not mortar or grouting). Appropriate heavy duty fasteners should be used.

Do not use plastic wall plugs to fix brackets to walls under any circumstances.

The Carinya difference

We're a family-owned business that knows decorative shelf brackets inside and out. We pride ourselves on providing safe, sturdy and innovative shelving solutions to trade professionals and DIYers from all walks of life.

Our product range will help you transform your vision for your home or office into a reality.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you install your very own decorative shelves and learn more about our product range and availability.

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