Where to buy heavy duty brackets in Australia

If you’ve got the greenlight for a heavy-duty shelving project, it’s important to find suitably strong brackets that can withstand the necessary weight. Carinya are industry trusted shelving experts with an enormous range of high-quality brackets to browse online.

We’ve highlighted four ‘go to’ brackets in the heavy duty category – that are ideal to handle large scale shelving projects. Our professional grade products are available from Bunnings Warehouse and other select retail outlets.

1. Heavy Duty Angle Brackets Galvanised

The Heavy Duty Angle Brackets Galvanised is a best seller for supporting or bracing heavy duty shelving  and structural bracing. If you’re out on the farm, in the warehouse, or require retail storage, these steadfast brackets provide maximum strength and durability.

The Heavy Duty Angle Bracket Galvanised features:

  • Strongest version holds up to 600kg
  • Range of sizes and load ratings
  • Used for extra robust shelving outdoors or indoors
  • Cost $5 to $18 (available at Bunnings)

These brackets are hot dipped galvanised which makes them ideal for the outdoors. We also have a Heavy Duty Zinc version of this bracket, depending on your material preference.

RCR galvanised heavy duty brackets

2. Twisted Stayed Brackets Galvanised

The Twisted Stayed Brackets Galvanised is another stellar option for building heavy duty shelving. These brackets are suitable for professional or experienced DIY builders and are useful for businesses that need high quality shelving, for storage of large or weighty items.

The Twisted Stayed Bracket Galvanised features:

  • Strongest version holds up to 400kg
  • Range of sizes and load ratings
  • Galvanised and superb for outdoor use
  • Cost $9.50 to $18.50 (available at Bunnings)

The twisted stay adds strength and allows easy access to the installation fixing points which can come in handy. If you like this bracket but prefer a bracket without the twist, check out our Straight Stayed Brackets as a similar option.

Galvanised Twisted Stayed Brackets

3. Angle Brackets – Stainless Steel

The Angle Brackets – Stainless Steel is a popular heavy duty option for a variety of installations. If you’re building shelves for office fit outs, retail fit outs or perhaps back of house storage, these brackets provide shelving support you can be confident with.

The Angle Bracket Stainless Steel features:

  • Strongest version holds up to 200kg
  • Range of sizes and load ratings
  • Stainless Steel is great for indoor or outdoor use
  • Cost $9 to $16 (available at Bunnings)

Our heavy-duty brackets are predrilled for fasteners and you can pick up a variety of screws, plugs and drills all from Bunnings Warehouse as your one stop shelving shop.

angle bracket

4. Flat Stayed Heavy Duty Bracket – Galvanised

The Flat Stayed Heavy Duty Bracket – Galvanised with flat stayed design is another ideal solution for robust shelving support. Whether your building shelves for warehouse storage, commercial storage, or simply out in your shed, these brackets mean business.

The Flat Stayed Heavy Duty Bracket Galvanised features:

  • Holds up to 500kg
  • Two sizes available
  • Galvanised and highly suitable for outdoor use
  • Cost $17 to $20 (available at Bunnings)

The benefit of a straight flat stay is excellent stability and easy alignment with your shelving. While these are some of most sought after brackets, you can view our full range of functional brackets online.

flat stayed brackets

5. Installing Heavy Duty Brackets and Shelving

After you choose the right brackets, correct installation is key to safe and durable shelving. Brackets should only be attached to wall studs if attaching to plaster board walls, or brickwork/masonry (not mortar or grouting).

Appropriate heavy-duty fasteners should be used. It’s essential that brackets are securely fixed to the wall and all screws are fastened tightly. We advise not to use plastic wall plugs to fix brackets to walls under any circumstances.

If you have any questions consult a professional tradesperson or contact us and we’d be glad to help.

Hit the ground running with your next shelving project and head into Bunnings Warehouse to find Carinya’s leading range of heavy duty brackets.

There are also a selection of Carinya’s brackets available from Mitre 10Home Timber & Hardware and Thrifty-Link Hardware. These retailers are located Australia-wide, so use the ‘store locators’ to find your closest store today.

*All prices quoted from Bunnings only and accurate at 15 July 2019