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Where to find quality galvanised steel brackets

Where to find quality galvanised steel brackets


Installing heavy duty shelving and need suitable brackets?

Heavy duty shelving projects require rock solid brackets. Carinya’s heavy duty galvanised steel brackets, are an ideal solution for heavy or large scale shelving projects.

If you’re a small, medium or big business and need strong brackets to install secure shelving, Carinya can help. Leading hardware stores conveniently stock Carinya’s brackets, along with screws and tools to make your DIY or professional shelving job easy.

Visit your local Bunnings Warehouse to find Carinya’s full range of industry leading brackets.

What are functional brackets?

what are functional brackets?

Functional brackets are designed to be practical and useful. Businesses, warehouses and factories choose functional brackets when they need extra support and strength for their shelving.

Carinya’s functional brackets are made from various high quality materials. The different types of functional brackets stocked by Bunnings Warehouse are:

Functional brackets are built for optimal strength, so you can be confident your shelving is secure. If you’re looking for more aesthetically attractive brackets, check out Carinya’s vast range of decorative brackets.

Why use functional brackets?

Carinya’s brackets are industry leading products for hardware. Our tried and trusted functional brackets are used in many settings including:

  • Retail or Product shelving
  • Factory shelving
  • Warehouse shelving 

Finding the right shelving products to build shelves that will accommodate heavy, large and valuable items is simple with Carinya’s functional brackets.

Why choose a heavy-duty angle bracket?

The Heavy Duty Angle Brackets are a reliable choice for supporting or bracing where additional strength is important. Available in galvanised, zinc or stainless steel, there are different options to suit your job.

There are a variety of sizes and weight capacities available for Carinya’s angle brackets. The weight capacity of different heavy-duty angle brackets range up to 600kg.

We always recommend checking the weight of the items you intend to organise, stack, store or display. There’s further information on load capacity of individual brackets, alongside instructions for use on our website.

When should I use a galvanised steel bracket?

Galvanised brackets are made from galvanised steel, so they usually look dull grey and feel a little rough. The galvanised finish offers strong protection against corrosion, making it the optimal choice for outdoor use and larger projects.

Some people prefer the shiny and smooth look of the stainless steel finish and this can be used indoors and outdoors. There are also heavy-duty zinc plated brackets which are strong and durable as well, but less suitable for outdoor use.

Of these three materials, the galvanised finish offers the best protection for outdoor shelving. If you’re unsure of which bracket is suitable for your project, feel free to contact us for some expert advice. Read on for three of our best-selling, heavy duty, galvanised steel brackets.

Extreme Strength Angle Brackets – Galvanised

Extreme strength angle brackets

The Extreme Strength Angle Bracket - Galvanised is a popular option for supporting and bracing shelves where additional strength is required. The bracket has a galvanised finish and is suitable for large projects and the outdoors.

The Load Ratings (kg) are: 40, 50, 75, 150 and 300. There are a variety of sizes which will support different weight loads. Be sure to check the A, B and C measurements in mm to ensure your brackets are appropriate for your project and space.


Heavy Duty Angle Brackets - Galvanised

heavy duty angle brackets

The Heavy Duty Angle Brackets - Galvanised is a superior option for supporting or bracing, where extra strong shelving is required. The highest load rating is 600kg, so this bracket we think, is the heavy weight champion.


The Load Ratings (kg) are: 45, 50, 75, 100, 150, 170, 200, 300, 350, 450, 500 and 600. There are a large range of bracket sizes which will support different weight loads. Again, be sure to read the A, B and C measurements in mm, to double check suitability.

Galvanised Heavy Duty Stayed Flat Bracket

galvanised heavy duty stayed flat bracket

The Galvanised Heavy Duty Stayed Flat Bracket is different to the Angle brackets above because it is stayed. It is hot dipped galvanised and suitable for outdoor use. It also has a straight flat stay with slots to help with shelf alignment.

The Load Rating is 500kg so like the above mentioned Angle brackets, it's a fantastic option for supporting or bracing where additional strength is required.

Carinya are bracket specialists and design high quality products that are strong and secure. For all your heavy-duty shelving needs head into Bunnings Warehouse today. You can also find a limited range of our reputable stock in Home Timber & Hardware and Mitre 10.

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